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Pre-Rigged Crayfish Shrimp Soft Lures with VMC Hook - Realistic Trout Bait (Set of 6)


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Buy Amazon's best-selling Crayfish Soft Lures here for a lower price! This set has over 4,400 4.5 Star ratings on Amazon and is a #1 best seller 


Bait That Won't Fall Short

Pre-Rigged Crayfish Shrimp Soft Lures with VMC Hook Realistic Trout Bait are here to change your fishing game! Where other lure and bait options fall short, this realistic shrimp bait thrives. With its segmented body creating lifelike swimming movement and vibrant holographic flash foil and 3D eyes, you'll have any trout convinced that there's a real shrimp in the water. 

Ready to Cast Right Out of the Box

Armed with a precisely engineered shape and ultra-realistic patterns,  it’s no surprise the soft bait can easily trout. The TPE material provides both strength and flexibility so you can count on it lasting for bite after bite. It even comes pre-rigged with a sharp back hook so you can get right to casting without any fumbling around with your lure before casting into the water!

If You Haven't Tried It, Now Is The Time.

These work really well in both fresh water and salt water, so why not give yourself an edge when heading out on your next fishing trip with these Pre-Rigged Crayfish Shrimp Soft Lures? Get your hands on a set today and watch your fishing game improve!



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